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Project Description

We need your support of $1,100 for the next 6 months to help this family ($6,600).
Donation Needed: $6,600.

Syrian family of 5 needs our support. The mother was diagnosed with eye cancer, she and her family drove for 5 days in the desert and finally we reached the hospital for treatment in Jordan. While there, the husband was able to get a part time job and finally get into a small apartment. The hospital told them that treatment was available in the USA and they needed to apply for asylum. She was afraid to die and leave my family to themselves. After reaching USA, the resettlement agency dropped them after3 months. After that, they found FAITH Social Services and we were able to help them. Please help us raise funds to help this family.



  1. Annual Men’s Bowling Tournament 2018

    March 18 @ 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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